But we're just getting started and we need you to help us build to the next level. 

Here's the latest and greatest things we are apart of. We know your time and money are limited, so browse and pick what feels right for you.


Attend An Event

We kick off our school year with a celebration at our "All In" Poker Night and close it out with a bang at our "Diploma Dash 5K", and in between we recognize the great work being done by students across the district at our Scholarship Night. Come join in the fun! 


Apply for a grant or scholarship

Are you looking for additional funds for that hands on field trip? Curious about having a community member connect with a few of your favorite students to chat career paths? Needing supplies for your classroom? Come learn how we're here to help.

Donate to our General Fund

We've recently streamlined our donation process, so you can donate to what you want at the amount you want. And while donating is as simple as clicking a button, we want to keep you in the loop on where your dollars are going. Come take a look around.