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Upcoming Events.

Events are where we all come together: students, staff, and Sheboygan! Don't be intimidated, they aren't all about stuffy people and money. They are meant to follow our Sheboygan ethos of "work hard, play hard." 


Ways to Participate

Shaping the future of Sheboygan takes more than just cold hard cash. Your time, your perspective, your guidance will help build what Sheboygan will look like in the future. Come join us by engaging with our schools and students. They need you, and trust us, you'll soon find you need them too.

Attend An Event

Attending one of our events is guaranteed to inspire you about the future of our great community. Our events benefit students directly as proceeds raised fund many of the foundation grants throughout the year.



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Engage a Student

You've lived a rich, full life. Why not share what you have learned with a student, class or cohort as a way to give back to Sheboygan Public Schools? We can help you identify how your passion or interest would help an individual or group of students in our district's outstanding public schools.


Tell a Friend

Maybe you've been involved with us for decades. Maybe you've just found us now. Either way spreading the word about our Foundation is one of the highest compliments you can pay us. If you like what we're up to, tell the world about us via email, social media or just good 'ol word of mouth.


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