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Diploma Dash | June 3, 2017

In Sheboygan, we work hard and we play hard. This event is a chance to get outside on Graduation weekend and play hard!

Challenge North to the most registrants, see if South can have the fastest runner. Either way, we want you to come out, join us for our annual year end, er-beginning of summer, fundraiser!


Register Now

We've partnered with Sheboygan North alumni, JOHN SMITH's company, RACEONLINE, to faciltate our registration and race timing. Come sign up here now!

Build a team

Who's the fittest? Who's the fastest? Who has the most school spirit? We're not afraid of drumming up a little friendly competition. So, bring it on! Find a friend, build a team, and get running!


Our Heavyweights - the Sponsors

T-shirts, signage, traffic patrol, gold medals. Okay, well, maybe no gold medals, but these are just some of the expenses it takes to put on this great fundraiser. We can't do it alone, we need you. And if "stuff" doesn't get you motivated, hopefully this ROI will: last year's race added $10,000 to our general fund and therefore contributed to over 50 projects in our schools. 

These folks have already joined our ranks. Want to join them at the cool kids table? Click below to be in touch!