Sheboygan Public Education Foundation
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Community is Key.

Hello Sheboygan! From community sponsored brat frys to hard working work ethics to great North-South basketball, we are what makes our community what it is. At the Sheboygan Public Education Foundation, we're here to bring those important and defining elements to the next generation. We aim to do this through better connecting our classrooms to our community and in order to do that, we need you.

Donate Dollars or Buy a Tile on the Wall Murals” or “Buy/Name A Seat”…Several ways to donate!

Look, we're not going to hide it. Our mission to be the spark between Sheboygan and it's great schools is fulfilled by events, programs, and activities. Those things do cost money. We need you, Sheboygan, to help make that all possible. What about buying a tile for the Wall Mural at either North or South High Schools or BOTH!? Buy/Name a Seat in one of the high schools’ Acuity Field Houses.


Spend Time

If you think foundations are just fundraising machines, we've got news for you. Sure, cash helps, but your time and talent are just as important. We run a whole host of great events throughout the year and are always looking for fellow friends to come join in the fun.


Share Expertise

You are Sheboygan. Your experience and expertise make us what we are as a community. We need you to share that with our future generations to help that tradition live on. We're the place you can find a classroom to share your knowledge with or find an intern for your company's growing needs.